Angel Studios Films in Classic Venues
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Angel Studios Films in Classic Venues

by Angel Studios | July 9, 2024

There are Angel Studios fans all around the world! In big cities and tiny rural towns, people want to see cinematic movies on the big screen. This means that there are audiences eager for a ticket who may not live next to an already participating theater. This is where you come in! 

If you run an event space or indie theater, we are thrilled to have you support the next Angel Studios theatrical release. Fill out this form and keep in mind the following items in order to participate in the run of one of our films:

Location Considerations

Any venue wishing to play the film must be located at least 30 miles from a participating movie theater.  

Box Office


Content Delivery

  • For film content, we can provide a DCP.

    • If your projection system is not DCI compliant and cannot play a DCP, then you need to get set up with PROLUDIO to receive the content through their service:

Online Ticketing

While not required, we highly encourage that you utilize an online ticketing platform in order for us to market the film together effectively.

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