Angel Studios’ Distribution Agreement with The Chosen
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Angel Studios’ Distribution Agreement with The Chosen

by Angel Studios | May 24, 2023

Angel Studios is the home of stories that amplify light. The Chosen, an internationally acclaimed TV series about the life of Jesus, was the second Angel Original (following Dry Bar Comedy) and turned into a global success story. 

Recent news has circulated about The Chosen and the Lionsgate deal. Let’s dive into all the details here.

Lionsgate and The Chosen

Media outlets are reporting that Lionsgate has exclusive worldwide rights to the Angel Original, The Chosen

This is not accurate. 

Here are the facts:

  • After any theatrical release, the Angel Studios app and The Chosen app have global exclusive rights in the first window for all existing and future seasons. 

  • Lionsgate only has sub-licensing distribution rights worldwide, after Angel’s exclusive window.  

  • Angel Studios has perpetual rights to The Chosen, exclusive perpetual rights to The Chosen NFTs, and The Chosen will always be an Angel Original.

  • The Chosen remains an Angel Original, as it has been since the beginning. Whether the series appears via sublicensing on Netflix, Delta Airlines, Peacock, Fox Nation, or other places such as in theaters, it remains an Angel Original.

  • The Chosen is available on the Angel Studios app–which also contains all other Angel Originals such as Dry Bar Comedy, The Wingfeather Saga, Tuttle Twins, Testament, etc. The Chosen series is also available in The Chosen app.

  • In late 2022, The Chosen INC and Angel Studios signed a new agreement making room for additional partners to support the mission of The Chosen. Read more about this below. 

  • The Come and See Foundation is an additional partner with The Chosen that enables major donors to support The Chosen, the funding of language translations, and a new app. They will retain and manage licensing rights for The Chosen in the nonprofit sector.

  • The new agreement between The Chosen and Angel Studios allows for worldwide sublicensing of The Chosen to be handled by a 3rd party. Lionsgate will now represent sublicensing worldwide outside of the global exclusive release window in the Angel Studios app and The Chosen app. This is an agreement between The Chosen and Lionsgate directly.

Angel Studios and The Chosen INC

While we’re on the topic of The Chosen and their partners, let’s go over the new Angel Studios agreement. 

As mentioned above, Angel Studios and The Chosen INC each have their own apps–both of which stream The Chosen. Angel Studios and The Chosen INC reached a new agreement in October 2022, which replaced a previous agreement relating to the distribution rights for The Chosen. The new relationship between Angel Studios and The Chosen includes the following features:

  • The TV series The Chosen will forever remain an Angel Original 

  • Angel Collectible Scenes are exclusive to Angel Studios

  • The Chosen INC agreed to commence a 120% distribution to their Angel investors

  • The Chosen INC partnered with a non-profit (Come and See Foundation) to support tax-deductible donations, language translations, and distribution

  • The Chosen INC is now in charge of its own theatrical releases and sublicensing

    • The last theatrical release by Angel Studios was the Season 3 premiere; The Chosen INC did the Season 3 finale

We hope this overview of our new relationship will provide you with a better understanding of how the two organizations work together.

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