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I loved the Film Cabrini. I left feeling very empowered and feeling that I am being called to question how I can go out and change the world.

"What Can I Do?"

Definitely so empowering for girls and women all around the world. The whole time I was thinking what can I do better when I leave this movie.

Father Brent

It's a story about faith, and how living your faith, requires courage, in the face of adversity, being persistent in what God is calling you you to do.


This movie was absolutely life changing. Watching how these women made such an impact, make me feel like I can go out and make an impact.


What I see is Cabrini bringing is light into the darkness. The story of Francesca Cabrini is a story of empowerment, of female empowerment.


By the beauty of the movie and then subconsciously, realize her greater mission and her devotedness and her humility and her courage is extremely admirable.

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