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Hardware is dead. Businesses today have social, mobile and analytic needs attached to their IVR and Contact Center voice requirements--needs that on-premise hardware simply cannot meet due to long deployment cycles, an inability to make changes in real time and an inherent lack of flexibility. Enterprises need to put the caller first, every time, and hardware cannot effectively support that mission.

Hardware simply doesn't move at the speed of business. Here are just some of the benefits of Cloud technologies over legacy hardware:

  • No Cap-Ex and Lower Op-Ex: Cloud solutions require no investment in hardware, software or future upgrade costs, nor a team of operations personnel to keep everything running, allowing you to realize an immediate return on investment.
  • Deploy applications in days, not months: the Genesys cloud-based toolkit allows customers to build and deploy voice applications in a fraction of the time needed by traditional hardware solutions. Build a fully-functioning IVR or contact center solution in days or weeks compared to months needed with hardware.
  • Make changes in real-time: With the Genesys solution, customers simply point and click to make customizations and changes to their voice applications in real-time - anytime and anywhere - without coding or engaging a team of support engineers. Genesys puts the control in the business users' hands.
  • Scale to meeting changing business needs: Using multiple, geographically dispersed datacenters capable of provisioning on-demand capacity levels, Genesys allows your business to grow over time or at a moments notice. Hardware is not flexible enough to deal with a doubling of call volume in 24 hours, whereas the Genesys cloud solution takes this spike in stride.
  • Integrate to put the caller first: With the Genesys unique transaction capability, customers can seamlessly and securely integrate their IVR or contact center with any web-accessible data source or third-party system, like a CRM system, to utilize data to provide the best possible caller experience. This is possible through the cloud via robust transaction gateways or APIs, with little or no programming or customization.

While hardware, from providers like Avaya, Genesys and Cisco, has long been the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) industry standard, the advent of the cloud has signaled a death knell for hardware products. Advertising, marketing and customer care are often seen as the voice of the company just as much as the company website is. In fact, the concept of a company voice is literal--it's the experience that enterprises provide when a customer picks up the phone. If you trust that customer interaction to outdated technology, you risk providing an outdated experience.

Hardware is dead. Learn how to move your voice applications to the cloud by viewing our on-demand webinar, "Join the Crowd Moving to the Cloud."